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Call for Nominations for Officer and Committee Positions:

President-Elect ● Secretary-Treasurer ● E-Journal Editor ● Graduate Representative-At-Large ● Undergraduate Representative-At-Large ● Nominations Committee Chair ● List-Serv Editor ● Communications Officer ● Nominations Committee Member 


The National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA) is seeking students who are interested in being nominated as candidates for positions that will be open in 2018. We welcome nominations from both undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in anthropology. While elected positions must be filled by NASA members in good standing, if you are not currently a NASA member we would like to encourage you to join and submit a nomination!

NASA’s purpose is to “stimulate and encourage the interests and involvement of both graduate and undergraduate students in anthropology.” Working with NASA is a great way to gain leadership experience, and is an excellent opportunity to network with other students, professors, and professionals in anthropology and related disciplines. The atmosphere is friendly and collegial. Nominees are encouraged to bring and develop their own ideas for how NASA can better serve the interests of its student membership.

The NASA Nominations Committee will form a slate of candidates from the nominees for each position. NASA members will then vote for the candidates in the spring. In accordance with NASA bylaws, nominees, if elected, will serve two-year terms, which will begin in November 2018 at the Annual Meeting, and end in November 2020.

The following summaries describe the duties of the open positions; please refer to this Web site as well as, for complete descriptions. While each of the positions vary in time commitment (i.e. how much time the job actually takes), it is generally expected that officers attend bi-monthly Skype/phone conferences, try to attend the annual AAA conference (though not required), respond to group emails in a timely fashion, and generally stay on top of their duties. If elected, nominees are expected to accept the position to which they have been elected; your willingness to run for these positions comes with the expectation of a two-year commitment to serve.

Officer Positions and Executive Committee Seats

  • PRESIDENT-ELECT: Serves a one-year term as President-Elect, followed by another year as President; responsible for internal communications within NASA; coordinates activities of committees and facilitates NASA’s transition into the following year; holds one vote in NASA matters.
  • SECRETARY-TREASURER: The Secretary-Treasurer holds one vote in NASA matters and is responsible for submission and maintenance of NASA’s annual budget, as well as for timely dispersal of meeting minutes and other pertinent communications, ensuring both timely communication amongst NASA members and a lasting record of NASA activities for future members of the Association.
  • NASA E-JOURNAL EDITOR: The E-Journal Editor will be responsible for editing and producing NASA’s web-based journal. The editor will solicit articles and work with the E-Journal committee and the AAA Publications representatives to create and disseminate the journal.
  • GRADUATE REPRESENTATIVE-AT-LARGE: Actively represents all interests of graduate NASA members; solicits new members; mostly deals with attending to students’ e-mail questions and creating student networks throughout the year; effectively disseminates scholarship and professional opportunities to students. Traditionally chairs a NASA Committee. Holds one vote in NASA matters.
  • UNDERGRADUATE REPRESENTATIVE-AT-LARGE: Actively represents all interests of undergraduate NASA members; solicits new members; mostly deals with attending to students’ e-mail questions and creating student networks throughout the year; effectively disseminates scholarship and professional opportunities to students. Traditionally chairs a NASA Committee. Holds one vote in NASA matters.
  • NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIR: posts annual Call for NASA Elections; organizes and disseminates NASA Election applications and information; and finally submits the nominations committee’s recommendations for the official Elections Slate to the NASA Membership for vote (November-January).
  • NASA LIST-SERV MANAGER: Follows announcements/opportunities from a range of AAA list-serves on a daily basis, forwards those announcements/opportunities relevant to anthropology students to the NASA list-serve members in a timely manner, updates NASA website calendar with upcoming deadlines for opportunities posted on the list, manages new list-serve members subscriptions and requests to unsubscribe.
  • COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: The Communications Officer holds one vote in NASA matters and is the primary person responsible for the maintenance of NASA’s website. As well assisting the SECRETARY-TREASURER with other print/promotional materials as needed, the Communications Officer is to ensure timely external communication to current and potential NASA members and other interested publics via our Social Media presence such as on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and any other media channels as needed. Traditionally chairs the Website Committee. Person should have basic knowledge of WordPress and/or HTML, or be willing to learn it. 
  • NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE MEMBER (TWO): works closely with the Nominations Committee Chair and is responsible for coordinating the election of NASA’s officers.

Applications must be received by email no later than Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

HOW TO APPLY: Nominations materials must include a Biographical Sketch and Platform Statement, and must be formatted in accordance with the following guidelines. Please submit your application by e-mail to the Interim NASA Nominations Committee Chair, Peter Lee, at by Wednesday, February 14, 2018 using “NASA Nomination” as the subject line. Please include the following four (4) items in the body of your e-mail application:

  1. Position you seek to be nominated for.
  2. Biographical Sketch exactly as follows; include bold headings (CVs will not be accepted):
    1. FULL NAME (highest degree earned, institution where degree was earned, year degree was earned) Positions held (most recent first): Title, (dates from-to) Name of Institution; Interests and/or Activities: (Limit 3); Significant publications (limit 3 – most recent first): Title, co-authors/editors if applicable, where published, year published.
    2. Example:
      I. WANNA WYN (PhD, University of Whereiwannabe, 1969) Positions held: Grand Inquisitor (1989-Pres) Search the World Over, Inc.; Leader of the Pack (1978-1989) Wearethebest University; Asst Leader of the Pack (1970-1978) Whimsy College; Interests and/or Activities: ritual, migration, presented paper at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Presenting Papers; Significant Publications: I Didn’t Really Know What I Was Talking About, but Now I Do (with Yule Shirley Wyn, PhD), The Perfect Press, Inc., In Press; “Trust Me, I know what I am talking about” (with Imrunin Aginstya, PhD) Journal of Ultimate Knowledge, 1988.
  3. Platform statement: The platform statement must be approximately 200 words in length. Statements over 200 words will be cut down to 200 words before publishing.
  4. Digital Picture. If available, please provide a digital picture of yourself for the spring ballots.

Questions?  Please contact the Interim Nominations Chair, Peter Lee, at

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